Patient Benefits

Benefits of a House Call

We thrive on developing an intimate clinician-patient relationships. A HouseCaIl MD clinician will see you in your home or facility to assess for safety, proper management of illness and medications. In addition, we will evaluate your surroundings for home safety and counseling you on high risk threats. Whether you are recently discharged from the hospital or Nursing Home or
considering getting healthcare at home. we strive to meet your needs and want you to be able to gain your trust to depend on us.

Services Covered Under Medicare Part B

Most HMO plans are accepted but keep in mind that HMO’s require Prior Authorizations from your Primary Care Physician for services. We Offer Brand New Day as an HMO Plan where we can
request Prior Authorization.

Direct Admit To the Hospital Of Your Choice

If hospitalization is needed. HouseCall MD can help you avoid long waits in the emergency room for non-emergent hospital admissions. We have privileges at: Huntington Memorial, Arcadia Methodist and Citrus Valley. We also have associates available at: Alhambra. San Gabriel and all surrounding hospitals.

Mobile Laboratory and Imaging Services

Laboratory and Imaging needs
provided at home with trusted
contracted mobile services.

Direct Communication

HouseCall MD has staff available to help you with all your questions and concerns when the provider is not available.

Medication Management and Reduction

The physician Will routinely evaluate your medication list for accuracy and reduce unnecessary medications.

Assist In Making Informed Decisions

HouseCaII MD can clarify complicated issues such as insurance plans, advanced directives and the diseases healing process.

Keep Up-To-Date with Advance In Healthcare

HouseCaII MD providers and Dr. Jarchi provide informative lectures on healthcare topics important to you and the senior community such as heart disease. diabetes, shingles and many more.

Nurse and Therapy Treatments Arrangements

Arrange for in home physical therapy, speech therapy & nurse visits at your convenience.

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