We are not affiliated directly with hospitals. However. we do have covering physicians at many local hospitals, who follow
and update us during the hospital stay.

Our physicians work directly with hospitalists throughout the area. We will coordinate admissions with hospital staff when

Yes. We can arrange for IV therapy in the convenience of your residence.

Please call 911 if you are seeking immediate treatment for serious or life threatening conditions, such as but not limited to:

  • Chest pain
  • rological symptoms, suggesting a stroke
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Sudden bleeding
  • Choking or gagging
  • Head injury
  • Patients who want to hurt themselves (suicidality)
  • Patients who want to hurt others (homicidality)
  • Acute psychotic episode
  • Acute Seizures


If you have difficulty getting to a doctors Office, then house call Visits are likely covered in the same manner as a regular Visit
to an office based physician. *Some fees may apply*

We accept Medicare Part B and most Private Insurances. We directly bill Medicare and all supplemental insurance plans.
We only bill the patient if there’s an unpaid balance which is not covered by Medicare or the supplemental insurer. We also
participate with all Medicare Advantage Plans. *some fees may apply*

Yes we do. We accept payment by credit card. personal check, or money order.

Depending on your medical needs and location. we can arrange from same day to up to one week appointment, Some fees
may apply.

Each patient is seen as medically necessary based on your physician’s assessment and plan of care. Depending on your
medical needs, visit frequency will vary. If you are sick and are experiencing issues, your provider will see you more often.
Whether you need us the next day or in a month. we will be there. When needed. we can usually get to your home for
urgent needs within 24-48 hours.

Our services prevent many urgent needs by seeing patients on an appropriate follow-up basis. When needed, we can
usually get to your home for urgent needs with 24 — 48 hours. Certain restrictions and fees may apply.

HouseCaII MD can help you avoid long waits in the emergency room and has privileges at Huntington Memorial, Arcadia.
Methodist, Citrus Valley and surrounding hospitals

We make every effort to send the same provider to you for each visit.

YES! You can keep your primary doctor or establish a HouseCalI MD provider as your new primary physician.

HouseCaII MD will arrange Labs, X-Rays. Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Nurse Visits at your comfort.

NO. WE DO NOT PROVIDE EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES! if it is a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 or go to
the emergency rooms.

Simply call our office (626) 765-4321 to arrange for a medical visit to be scheduled at your convenience. You do not need
any referral to use our services.

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