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Post Discharge Management

Though you may no longer need the services provided by an acute care facility, you may still need extra medical help when you get home. At HouseCall MD, Dr. Shahriar Jarchi and the team offer post-discharge management for patients being sent home from the hospital or rehabilitation facility. Find out more about the post-discharge management program at HouseCall MD by calling the office or booking a consultation online today.

Post Discharge Management Q & A

What is post-discharge management?

Post-discharge management is one of the patient-centered services available at HouseCall MD. 

Being sent home from the hospital or a rehabilitation facility is a complex process, requiring communication between the hospital care team, your primary care provider, and any service providers you need to help you at home.

Unfortunately, any cracks in communication may prevent patients from getting the care they need once they get home. Without proper follow-up care and treatments, patients are at risk of getting sick and returning to the hospital.

HouseCall MD is an internal medicine practice specializing in geriatric care. The team provides care for their patients at home, at the hospital, or in a facility. This ongoing care ensures their patients get what they need no matter where they are. 

With post-discharge management, the HouseCall MD team coordinates all the services and care you need when you get home. This additional service may help prevent readmission to the hospital.

Who benefits from post-discharge management?

Any patient struggling with a serious health condition that requires help at home benefits from post-discharge management from HouseCall MD. 

Caregivers who have loved ones with complex health issues may also benefit from post-discharge management to assist with care and treatment when their loved one gets home. 

What are post-discharge management services?

HouseCall MD offers many services with their post-discharge management program, including:

Interim care

The experienced physicians at HouseCall MD provide interim care, making house calls to assess overall health and update care plans as needed.

Home attendants

The post-discharge management program at HouseCall MD includes home attendants to help patients manage their activities of daily living, like bathing, cooking, and shopping.

Home nursing personnel

HouseCall MD offers home nursing personnel who provide treatments and care, such as medications, wound care, oxygen therapy, or intravenous (IV) therapies. 

Home oxygen therapy

For patients with respiratory conditions, HouseCall MD offers home oxygen therapy.


HouseCall MD has a mobile imaging service, performing tests such as echocardiograms, electrocardiograms (EKG), and sonograms. 

IV antibiotics

Post-discharge management may include IV antibiotics.


HouseCall MD provides therapy such as physical therapy or speech therapy.

Laboratory testing

HouseCall MD has mobile laboratory testing for blood work and urine tests to assess health, allowing the team to make adjustments to treatment as needed. 

Post-discharge management ensures you or your loved one gets the medical services needed after going home from the hospital. Call HouseCall MD or schedule a consultation online today.