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Hospital At Home

When you're too sick or frail to get to the doctor’s office, you may benefit from a house call from Shahriar Jarchi, MD, and the team at HouseCall MD. When it comes to house calls, they provide comprehensive and attentive care, making it feel like a hospital at home. Find out more about the patient-centered services available at the primary care practice by calling HouseCall MD or scheduling a consultation online today.

Hospital At Home Q & A

What are house calls?

House calls are one of the patient-centered services available at HouseCall MD. Instead of you having to travel to your health provider’s office, the team comes to you, providing care at your home or an assisted-living facility. 

House calls were once a normal part of medical care for patients too sick or frail to visit the doctor’s office. After emergency rooms became more available, many doctors stopped this practice.

However, as the population gets older, health care providers like the team at HouseCall MD see a need for the return of house calls. 

What can I expect from a house call?

The HouseCall MD team thrives on developing strong patient-provider relationships. You can expect attentive, professional care during a house call visit from your provider. 

At your house call, your provider assesses your safety and the management of your illness and also checks your medications. They also evaluate your surroundings, counseling you about home safety and the changes you can make to reduce health risks, such as falls. 

What treatments are available during a house call?

In addition to in-home evaluations, HouseCall MD provides in-home treatments and care, making it a hospital at home. 

Home-assistance treatments and therapies available from HouseCall MD include:

Laboratory and blood tests

HouseCall MD offers in-home laboratory and blood tests. These tests are used to screen for diseases, assess health, or evaluate the effectiveness of your in-home treatment.


HouseCall MD also provides in-home radiology testing. This includes X-rays and sonograms, which are diagnostic imaging tests that allow your provider to see your internal organs to evaluate and diagnose health conditions.

Treatment for respiratory infection

House calls also include treatments for various health problems, like respiratory infections. Your treatment may include breathing treatments, oxygen therapy, or intravenous (IV) antibiotics. 

Cardiovascular care

The HouseCall MD also provides in-home treatments for cardiovascular care, including electrocardiogram (EKG) and echocardiogram testing to assess heart health.

IV antibiotics

Your provider may recommend IV antibiotics to treat any type of infection during your house call. 

Your hospital at home may also include nursing care, a home health aid, physical therapy, or speech therapy. Whatever health service you need, HouseCall MD provides. 

HouseCall MD strives to provide the care you need where you need it. Find out more about house call services by calling the office or booking a consultation online today.