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Home Diagnostics & Therapy

Diagnostic testing provides objective information about your health. When you’re unable to get to the doctor’s office or the lab for testing, Shahriar Jarchi, MD, and the team at HouseCall MD can come to you with their home diagnostics service. They also offer in-home therapy. The internal medicine practice specializes in treating the aging population and provides services that meet their health care needs. Find out more about home diagnostics and therapy by calling the office or booking an appointment online today.

Home Diagnostics & Therapy Q & A

What is home diagnostics?

Home diagnostics is one of the many services available at HouseCall MD. The team of health professionals works together to meet the health care needs of the aging population.

Older adults who struggle with multiple medical conditions may have a hard time getting to the doctor’s office or to a lab to get the testing they need to assess their health and well-being.

HouseCall MD offers home diagnostics so you or your loved one can get medical testing in the comfort of home. The internal medicine practice also offers these services to patients in an assisted-living facility, care home, or any other facility. 

What are home diagnostics services?

HouseCall MD performs many diagnostic tests in your home. Testing options include:

Electrocardiogram (EKG)

An EKG is a quick and painless test that measures electrical activity in your heart. The team performs EKGs to assess heart health and look for signs of heart problems. 


X-rays provide images of your internal body parts to look for signs of disease or broken bones. The HouseCall MD team may perform in-home X-rays to look for fractures or pneumonia.

Laboratory tests

HouseCall MD also provides at-home laboratory tests, including blood draws and urine tests. They also offer in-home COVID-19 testing.


A sonogram, also known as an ultrasound, is an imaging test that uses ultrasound technology to create images of your internal organs. The HouseCall MD team may perform sonograms to evaluate your organs and look for signs of disease. 

The practice also uses sonograms to perform echocardiograms, which assess the movement of blood through the heart. 

HouseCall MD also provides in-home therapy, which may include physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, or respiratory therapy. 

Who benefits from home diagnostics?

Anyone unable to get to their doctor’s office or a clinic to undergo diagnostic testing or therapy benefits from the home diagnostics and therapy services available at HouseCall MD. 

You or your loved one may benefit from home diagnostics and therapy if a chronic health condition affects mobility or causes impairment or frailty.

HouseCall MD is an internal medicine practice that specializes in geriatric care. It was created to meet the health care needs of the aging population, bringing care directly to their patients.

Find out more about home diagnostics at HouseCall MD by calling the office or requesting an appointment online today.