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Geriatric Care

Older adults are more likely to suffer from multiple health conditions and experience changes in their cognitive and physical function that increase their health care needs. Geriatric care is an area of medicine that provides the specialized care older adults need. HouseCall MD is an internal medicine practice in Los Angeles, CA that specializes in geriatric care. Shahriar Jarchi, MD, and the team provide care for people 65 and older. Find out more about geriatric care at HouseCall MD by calling the office or booking a consultation online today.

Geriatric Care Q & A

What is geriatric care?

Geriatric care is an area of medicine that specializes in the medical needs of older adults. As you get older, your body undergoes many changes that affect your physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being. 

Geriatric care focuses on these changes, with providers working closely with you to help manage your health and health care needs so you can maintain your independence for as long as possible. 

When it comes to geriatric care, the HouseCall MD team focuses on the 4Ms of geriatric care: mind, mobility, medications, and what matters most.


When caring for older adults, the team assesses the mind, looking for changes in mental activity and signs of dementia or depression. 


Aging affects your mobility and ability to take care of yourself. In addition to assessing your muscle strength, balance, and gait, the team also assesses your risk of falls. 


Older adults may take multiple prescription medications to manage chronic health conditions. The team reviews medications with their patients and makes adjustments as needed. 

What Matters Most

No single treatment plan works for all. HouseCall MD takes a patient-centered approach to care and creates care plans that best fit your needs and health goals. 

Who needs geriatric care?

You or someone you love may benefit from geriatric care from the HouseCall MD team if you have medical issues that cause impairment or frailty. Frailty is a condition specific to aging that causes weakness, loss of endurance, and difficulty with function. 

Caregivers struggling to manage the health care needs of their family member or friend with multiple medical needs may also benefit from geriatric care at HouseCall MD.

What can I expect from geriatric care?

You can expect comprehensive and patient-centered care from the team at HouseCall MD. The internal medicine practice was created specifically to meet the health care needs and demands of the aging population.

With geriatric care at HouseCall MD, providers work together to solve complex problems. Treatment may include:

  • Wellness exams
  • Sick visits
  • House calls
  • Home diagnostics and treatments
  • Transitional care
  • Medication management

The team also manages care for patients when they're in the hospital or an assisted-living facility. HouseCall MD also provides palliative and hospice care.

Older adults have special health care needs that require extra medical attention. Call HouseCall MD or schedule your geriatric care consultation online today.