How Doctors Can Use IV Therapy At Home

Did you know that elderly patients can now get IV therapy from the comfort of their own homes? No longer do you have to search for “IV therapy near me.” With medical concierge services, IV therapy comes to you. 

But how do doctors use IV therapy in your home? What is the treatment for, and why is it best if you can stay home to receive it? 

Keep reading to learn all about the benefits of IV therapy at home so you can make an informed decision about your health. 

Why Would I Need IV Therapy At Home?

Many people benefit from IV therapy in hospitals. IVs are a great way to get fluids and nutrition in check for immediate relief. 

But what about when a hospital visit isn’t convenient, or even possible?

If you’re someone who has issues with mobility, anxiety, or chronic pain, you may find that getting to and from the hospital is an inconvenience that you aren’t willing to tolerate. That’s normal, but it doesn’t mean that you have to go without care. 

Many elderly people also stop driving as they get older. This presents an even greater problem. You have to wait until you can find adequate public transportation or work on someone else’s schedule. 

Furthermore, it’s inconvenient to go all the way to a hospital or doctor’s office if the only thing that you need is hydration therapy. Not only can this be too expensive, but it’s also a waste of time. 

When you get medical concierge services to visit you inside your own home, none of this is an issue. You can stay comfortable and receive services when you need them, on your own time. 

Is IV Therapy At Home Safe?

Many people may worry about the safety of IV therapy at home, but it’s not an issue. Before you receive therapy, you can rest assured that your doctor will make sure that the environment is suitable.

Because your IV therapy is being handled by a medical professional, you’re in safe hands. While your home isn’t as sterile as a doctor’s office, your doctor’s tools are sterilized and safe. 

You might also be concerned about the possibility of adverse reactions. While there are very few adverse reactions to IV therapy in general, there’s no greater risk when you receive it at home.

Our doctors are staff members of local hospitals. This means that you receive the same level of care and your doctor is able to refer you to higher levels of care if they deem it necessary. Adverse reactions, if they happen, are no problem. 

Do You Need IV Therapy At Home?

Getting IV therapy at home is safe, convenient, and often the more affordable choice. When you’re feeling sick or dehydrated, visiting the hospital for hydration treatments isn’t always a possibility, especially if you live alone.

Instead, let us bring IV therapy to you. 

Are you ready to sign up for medical concierge services? At Housecall MD, we bring the doctor’s office to you. Contact us and sign up today.