Get Your EKG and Other Heart Health Prevention Tests Without Leaving Home

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both women and men in the United States, and it’s a major cause of death worldwide. Not surprisingly, one of the best ways to treat or prevent heart disease is to have regular cardiac testing to monitor your heart’s health.

While cardiac testing is effective, it’s not always convenient, requiring regular visits to your doctor’s office or a medical lab. At HouseCall MD, in the neighborhood of Los Angeles, Shahriar Jarchi, MD, and his team offer an alternative to patients: in-home diagnostic testing to monitor heart health and help you get the treatment you need to stay healthy.

In recognition of National Heart Health Awareness Month, our team is dedicating this post to a review of the in-home tests we use to help our patients get important heart testing right in the comfort of their own homes. Here’s what you should know about in-home testing and how it can help you maintain optimal heart health at every age.

How in-home testing works

In-home testing might sound like a brand-new idea, but it’s actually been around for a while. COVID-19 test kits are one example of home testing that many of us have already used, and so are at-home colorectal cancer test kits. In fact, research shows many people are very comfortable with in-home tests to help them monitor their health and get important treatments to stay healthy.

However, unlike the COVID-19 test kits that you use on your own, one of our trained professionals comes to your home to perform the testing. The testing we offer is the same type of testing you’d receive in our office, so you can feel confident in your results.

We can use in-home testing to help you in numerous ways. For example, we can use it to diagnose medical conditions, including many heart problems, and monitor the effects of heart-related therapies and medications. In-home testing can allow us to adjust your care without you needing to leave your home.

With in-home testing, you don’t have to worry about any physical limitations or transportation problems that could make it difficult to visit our office. In-home testing is available at home, at assisted living facilities, at rehab centers, and at care homes.

In-home testing for better heart health

With in-home testing, you can get many types of tests, such as the following:


Also called electrocardiograms, EKGs monitor your heart’s electrical activity. These tiny currents keep your heart beating regularly, and an EKG reading allows us to look for any abnormalities that could indicate a potential problem with the way your heart is functioning. 

EKGs are noninvasive and completely painless. In fact, you’ve probably had at least one as part of a regular checkup.

Blood work

Some heart problems can be detected or monitored by looking for changes in your blood. In fact, many people with heart disease benefit from regular blood tests to keep track of their cholesterol levels and other factors associated with heart issues. 

Instead of traveling to our office or a lab to draw your blood, our team can take a blood sample from you in your home, where you’re relaxed and comfortable. 


Sonograms are images made by ultrasound imaging. While many people associate ultrasound testing with pregnancy, these imaging tests play a key role in managing many types of heart disease, too. Sonograms of your heart and the blood vessels surrounding it can help us spot blockages, valve problems, and other issues that can interfere with normal heart function.

All of these tests can be used alone or in combination to help you maintain your heart health. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a cardiovascular problem or you want to prevent heart problems, testing can help you achieve your goals.

Making health care convenient

Dr. Jarchi and the team at HouseCall MD are devoted to helping patients enjoy the best possible health through innovative treatment options tailored to each patient’s unique needs. To learn more about in-home testing and how it can become part of your healthcare routine, call 626-765-4321 or book an appointment online with the team at HouseCall MD today.