Discussing Hospice Care Option with Your Loved One

Discussing hospice as an option does not mean giving up. It can be consolidating to know about resources used to help and support the patient. Speaking about hospice with your loved one is informative and should occur while they are still healthy and cognisant.

During these discussions, you must address the most vital issues: who to go with, what type of treatment, and where they’d like their final days to be.

The meeting may be held in person, through the internet, or over the phone. Thus, decision-makers, prominent family members, and the patient should all be present and on the same page when discussing hospice (Soreo,2021).

How to Start the Hospice Care Discussion

  • Choose a comfortable and quiet place. Turn off the television, cell phones, and other distractions.
  • Start the discussion carefully. Speak slowly, clearly, and with expression. Show concern and assert the tone of seriousness. 
  • Start a conversation in such a way: "I want to spend some time with you and to discuss your long-term plan.”

Tips for Discussing Hospital with Your Loved One

  • Acknowledge and recognize that your loved one is ready to discuss his or her illness.
  • Share your hopes and concerns with your loved one.
  • Ask them about their queries, hopes, and concerns in regard to their health.
  • Eliminate the misconception of your loved one about hospice care, if required.
  • Encourage your loved one by saying that his or her desires have been perceiving and will be respected.
  • Explain the options about hospice care, including home hospice care or hospice setting in a place such as hospice house or Dougherty (Avera,2021).

Role of Hospice Experts in the Discussion

If you would like to discuss hospice care with your friend, family member, or loved one, hospice expertise can come to you. Having a hospice representative assist with the discussion can provide you with the opportunity to clarify any questions you may have.

They can give an extensive description of what hospice is and how their agency works—all at the comfort of your own home. Once you have started the discussion of hospice care with your loved one and he or she is showing interest, you can request assistance from a hospice agent. 

If you need help, HouseCall MD is here to help you. You may call us at 626-765-4321 and you may check our Palliative and Hospice Care and other medical services as well. 



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