Concierge Service in Los Angeles

You may find that a concierge service is a convenient way to meet your medical needs.

Navigating the health care system in the United States can prove challenging. Firstly, it’s a complicated system. Also, using the health care system can prove expensive.

Concierge medicine is a response to these challenges. Furthermore, it’s a better alternative to long waits for treatment and working with doctors who feel like strangers.

To learn more about concierge service in Los Angeles, keep reading.

Understanding Concierge Medical Service

Concierge doctors work directly with patients and family . Typically, they’ll work for a monthly upfront fee.

You may also hear someone call a concierge doctor a direct primary care doctor. Conversely, some people might call them personalized medical service providers. You may even hear someone refer to these professionals as a concierge primary care physician.

In the past, concierge doctors typically worked only for wealthy patients who could afford their high fees. In recent years, however, concierge medicine has become more accessible.

Today, the cost of concierge service ranges widely. Also, the price of a concierge service might vary depending on the type of services you need. Nevertheless, concierge service can give you direct access to personalized care.

A physician might choose concierge service to form a private practice. Concierge service also limits the number of patients that a doctor serves.

For this reason, a concierge doctor will manage less patient volume compared to a medical professional who operates a traditional practice. They’ll also have much less paperwork to manage for insurance payouts.

In general, concierge doctors can deliver just about every treatment that a primary care physician might perform. However, a concierge doctor might also provide diagnostic screenings.

They might also provide minor urgent care services. These services may include basic care such as stitches. They may also include treatment for minor skin conditions.

However, a concierge doctor will not perform any specialized treatments. For instance, a concierge physician will not perform surgery or major medical procedures.

Why More Physicians Are Choosing Concierge Service

There are a few reasons why more physicians are choosing to operate a concierge practice. A top reason is that it allows them to deliver outstanding care.

Today, most doctors spend less than 15 minutes with each patient. Also, patients typically visit their primary care provider about 1.5 times per year.

Alternatively, concierge physicians spend about 35 minutes or more on patient visits. Furthermore, they’ll visit patients an average of four times a year.

Finally, a traditional doctor might have thousands of patients. Meanwhile, a concierge doctor will only have hundreds.

Concierge medicine enables physicians to maintain greater bandwidth. In turn, they can provide a better level of care.

When working in concierge medicine, physicians have more time and resources. Furthermore, they get to know their patients genuinely. Also, concierge doctors can provide attention at all times.

Furthermore, concierge doctors do more than treat ailments. They also work proactively to prevent illnesses from occurring in the first place.

It takes a lot to develop a deep understanding of patients. This understanding allows doctors to deliver a better quality of service.

The only way a doctor can accomplish this feat is with time. Concierge medicine is the only practice method that provides physicians with this capability.

Why More Patients Choose Concierge Medicine

If you’re like most people, you’ve most likely experienced the frustration of waiting weeks or months to see your primary care provider. Once your appointment arrived, you most likely spent an hour or more in a waiting room.

On average, most United States citizens wait almost a month to see a new doctor. A growing number of people are signing up for concierge medical service for these reasons.

In fact, the demand for concierge doctors is surging. However, in many cases, you can receive a concierge doctor appointment on the same day.

With a concierge doctor, one of several benefits you’ll enjoy is longer exam times. Some may even provide home delivery of medications.

More importantly, you’ll always have access to your concierge doctor. You can communicate with them by phone or email as needed.

Concierge medicine is a solution to the failing health care system in the United States. Today’s overburdened doctors do not have time to provide adequate care in office settings.

Fortunately, concierge medicine is serving as a solution. In fact, most people who start using concierge solutions are remarkably satisfied.

The Benefits of at-Home Care

With concierge service, there’s no waiting. Furthermore, your care doesn’t stop when you leave the doctor’s office.

Concierge medicine is more of a partnership. Your concierge physician will help you to maintain your health continually.

With concierge medicine, you can do away with talking to voicemails. You can also free yourself from long-delayed replies.

Concierge service is more personalized. A concierge physician will respond to your queries in a timely manner. Furthermore, they’ll communicate with you using a medium that makes you feel comfortable.

In many cases, a concierge medical service can save you time. For example, a concierge physician can treat many matters on site.

In some cases, this capability can save you from having to visit a specialist. For example, if you need a straightforward service such as an OB-GYN exam or mole removal, your concierge team may have the ability to assist.

Furthermore, a concierge physician can help to coordinate your care. They can help to streamline the conversation between your doctors and specialists. In this way, a concierge doctor can get everyone working together to ensure your health.

In the end, concierge service provides access to treatment and personalization. Most traditional practices rarely rival this level of service.

Concierge Service: An Improved Quality of Care

Again, concierge doctors manage a much smaller patient load. For this reason, they can visit with their patients more often. Also, patients have shorter waiting times.

Most concierge patients have to wait less than five minutes. Many have no wait at all.

With technology, concierge doctors can provide treatment on demand. Today, a growing number of physicians take advantage of telehealth technology. Using this resource, you can seek medical advice immediately from the comfort of your home.

In the United States, the average doctor’s visit is notably short. Furthermore, half of that visit is spent watching the doctor doing paperwork.

Conversely, a concierge doctor might spend an hour or more with a new patient. This investment in time is necessary to gather a clear picture of a new patient’s overall health.

Furthermore, a concierge doctor might spend half an hour or more with the patient during a follow-up visit. Concierge doctors use this time to fine-tune patient treatment plans.

In this way, a concierge doctor can develop a clear profile of your health. More importantly, they can develop a functional and holistic treatment plan to meet all your health needs.

The Leading Concierge Service in Los Angeles

A growing number of patients in Southern California are turning to HouseCall MD. HouseCall MD’s clinicians provide quality treatment for homebound patients.

These patients include those who are frail, elderly, or high-risk individuals. Many of those who take advantage of HouseCall MD’s Los Angeles concierge service are also disabled or terminally ill.

HouseCall MD offers a range of comprehensive medical services. These services include everything from routine checkups to diagnostic treatment. Our Los Angeles concierge medicine services may also include wound treatment.

Furthermore, HouseCall MD clinicians work with patients with single or multiple illnesses. Also, we can treat those with serious conditions in the comfort of their homes.

HouseCall MD clinicians can also provide assistance after you’re discharged from the hospital. For example, a HouseCall MD concierge physician can visit you at your home or nursing home after a hospital stay.

During the visit, the clinician will assess your home for safety. They’ll also evaluate the proper management of your illness and medications. They’ll even provide personalized counseling.

HouseCall MD clinicians can also assist with radiology and laboratory testing. Our service can also provide nursing and physical therapies.

Most importantly, you’ll never have to wait in a doctor’s office when you choose HouseCall MD. Even if you need to go to a hospital, a HouseCall MD practitioner can manage the admission.

Start Accessing Personalized Treatment Today

Now you know more about concierge service in Los Angeles. Luckily, getting started with HouseCall MD concierge service is easy.

The process begins with a straightforward phone questionnaire to assess your needs. Next, a HouseCall MD physician will come to your home to provide comprehensive medical treatment. More importantly, they’ll work to provide you with better health.

Our concierge physicians can accommodate your visits at the time and place of your choosing. We can also help you with home care outsourcing if needed.

Contact HouseCall MD today at (626) 765-4321 or connect with us online to learn more about accessing better care through concierge medicine.